About Us

FABRILABO gathers manufacturers, distributors and service companies to promote their products in France and throughout the world.

Laboratory instruments and equipments are found in any scientific and technological activities as well as in any quality control process. They are essential tools of the economic development. The products and services offered by FABRILABO’s members cover a wide range of applications: metallurgy, chemistry, environmental analysis and monitoring, food and beverage, biotechnology, in vitro diagnostic and health care.

• Represents the industry towards public authorities and major international organisations ,
• Is an interface between laboratory suppliers and purchasing departments ,
• Provides for a liaison with other French and foreign professional associations ,
• Is an active member of EUROM (European federation of precision mechanical, optical industries and laboratory instrumentation) ,
• Organises group attendance to international events ,
• Participates to AFNOR, CEN, and ISO standard committees ,
• Is a partner of trainings : BioTechCo ChemTechCo Lab Science Trading ,
• FABRILABO is a member of FIM (Federation of Mechanical Industry)